Mythbusting – Can I Use My LTD Company Gross Income For A Mortgage Assessment?

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Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

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Mythbusting – #1 Do I Need To Be Self Employed For 2 Years?

At CIS Mortgage Advice, we could get you a much bigger mortgage from your CIS income by using your average daily income before tax.

We’re really passionate about showing subbies that being paid via the CIS scheme should be seen as a massive advantage to getting a mortgage, and never a hurdle to leap over.

So we’re here to rubbish a mortgage Myth for you.

‘You can’t use your CIS gross income if you are the director of your own LTD company’

  • This is nonsense. !
  • The mortgage lenders we regularly use for this scenario understand that a ltd company is just a tax efficient route to receiving and managing your income. Their not daft and within minutes they can access your company information from Companies House online and see that you are the sole director of your own ltd company. That even applies if your CIS payslips are addressed to the LTD company and not you. ….you are the limited company and it shouldn’t make any difference. There might be occasions when the decision maker or underwriter for the bank or building society request a reference from your accountant, but this shouldn’t cause a problem.

So bottom line here is – No,  – it makes no difference if you are paid through your own LTD co.

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