CIS Mortgage

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Work With Us

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We have helped hundreds of CIS contractors buy their dream home since 2010. 

That’s true job satisfaction.

And we couldn’t be successful without our awesome team of dedicated people.

Our friendly mortgage advisers are all experts in the CIS Scheme. Each one has been carefully vetted, to ensure you get the best customer outcome. After all, we cannot build a successful business, without first ensuring we achieve happy customers.

If you’ve got the desire to be part of a business that excels in service, and offers great opportunities, then get in touch today. You will be joining a growing team with an excellent support network.

Regardless of the role, you’ll need to have good organisational, business and people skills.
You’ll also need:
•    excellent communication and listening skills
•    the ability to explain complex information clearly and simply
•    the confidence to work with numbers and explain them to clients
•    IT skills
•    excellent customer service skills
•    the drive and motivation to meet targets.

In return for your outstanding contribution to our business, you will be rewarded with a competitive salary and a generous benefits package, as well as the opportunity to learn and progress in your role.

From time-to-time we will advertise specific opportunities on this page. In the meantime, send us a short letter confirming the type of role you are interested in, and attach a copy of your CV.

General Data Protection Regulation
We are registered with the Information Commissioner and will not share your information with any third party, nor use it for any purpose other than assessing suitable candidates for opportunities as they arise.

Please note that prior to the final offer of a position with CISMortgage Advice you will be required to undergo background checks. All offers of employment are conditional on receipt of suitable references and a satisfactory financial and criminal records check.

Please note that bank or payment details are not required when submitting an initial application.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]